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In the center of Warsaw, in the heart of Europe

The expansion of Linxdatacenter in the Central and Easter Europe progresses successfully with another    Tier3 quality level datacenter opening soon in Warsaw, Poland. The uniqueness of the datacenter is indisputable. Located at Aleje Jerozolimskie in the very city center of Warsaw and less than 500m to the LIM building, an international carrier node, it has no competition in the area. There is no other facility of that quality level and proposition nearby – most Warsaw datacenters are located in the more peripheral districts of the Polish capitol.

In the heart of Europe

Poland’s convenient location, in the very centre of Europe, makes the country a perfect investment destination for enterprises targeting both Western and Eastern part of the continent. In the 2010 Ernst & Young European Attractiveness Survey international concerns’ managers indicated Poland as the top potential investment destination for their FDI projects in Europe.

The central location of Poland does result attractive for foreign companies which aim at slashing time of order realization for customers in the markets East of the centre of Europe. The fact that foreign entrepreneurs invest in Poland results from dynamic growth in demand, development of trade cooperation within the frame of the extended European Union and also from the ever more attractive domestic market in Poland. Poland’s 38-million strong consumer base is one of the biggest in Europe. Moreover, the country’s favorable localization makes it possible to export goods to all European countries and thus reach over 500 million consumers. World class concerns often choose Poland as an investment destination in Europe. The number of new investment projects is constantly growing, especially in the automotive, R&D, electronic and chemical sectors. The FDI value which Poland attracted in 2009 reached 9.95 billion EUR and preliminary data for the year 2010 hovers at 5.34 billion EUR. 

So what Linxdatacenter Warsaw brings you?

Linxdatacenter Warsaw is a concurrently maintainable environment designed to support your cost, security, complexity, compliance and business continuity management. It is constructed in compliance to Tier3 standards, meaning that downtime of any path does not directly affect ongoing processes. With 1,400 sq m of space and 2.5 MW of power it provides a wide portfolio of datacenter and connectivity solutions, from collocation, managed hosting, dedicated and virtual servers, storage, back-up, to disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, data security and other value added services. Taking advantage of carrier neutrality and the superior local, international and cross- connectivity, the proposition is boosted with a wide range of telco solutions, such as direct internet access, virtual private network, IP Transit and PSTN & ISDN connectivity.The international expertise, unique location and excellent offering place Linxdatacenter Warsaw strongly on radar of multinationals, large local companies, public administration and operators.

Enterprises choosing Linxdatacenter Warsaw as their IT outsourcing provider gain additionally access to other markets via the ring of interconnected datacenters in the region. With Linxdatacenter St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tallinn and more to come in the future – as well as the unique network footprint created over the years, the company offers an exclusive proposition for the whole ICT infrastructure.
For operators Linxdatacenter Warsaw provides valuable redundancy in combination with the existing PoP in LIM carrier node. The facility is end-to-end diversely connected with LIM via private dark fiber, allowing operators to seamlessly integrate their existing infrastructure. Additionally that extra PoP enables delivery of services to a whole customer base co-located in the facility and allows connectivity with them in 3 days.

Linxdatacenter Warsaw has just signed its first long-term customer contract and a couple more are being at their final negotiations stage. Arno Coster, Senior Vice President Linxdatacenter states: ‘Utmost care of our customers’ assets, reputation and revenue is our key objective. Addressing the demand of the market for Linxdatacenter presence in more and more countries, we broaden our presence with the very center of Warsaw – an exceptional proposition at the highest quality level. We have just opened Linxdatacenter St. Petersburg and now we are very excited about getting closer to our customers in Poland.’

For business opportunities in Linxdatacenter Warsaw contact Director Sales CEE Anna Ogiejm-Oheim or call +48 22 379 63 30.

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