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Virtual Point of Presence

Linxtelecom's Virtual Point-of-Presence (VPoP) Service provides a quick, efficient and low risk opportunity for carriers to establish a Point of Presence in an off-net location.

With the strong economic growth in Central and Eastern Europe, many Carriers now wish to enter into these new emerging markets. However, cultural differences, regulatory barriers and financial risks are frustrating their plans. Setting up a PoP may require establishing a legal entity and a local office, applying for operator licenses and obtaining official permits for a variety of activities. The entire process requires constant local presence and legal guidance.

Linxtelecom has solved this by establishing itself as a fully licensed operator in all of its countries and has successfully gone through the licensing processes described above. Linxtelecom now offers Carriers an express route to building a Point of Presence in this region with limited risk. With the Linxtelecom Virtual PoP concept, an operator can extend its business to off-net locations within months. Linxtelecom provides the connectivity to the operator’s nearest PoP, installs and manages transmission equipment, arranges for local tail circuits and cross-connects, obtains all necessary permits and approvals and manages end user connectivity projects on behalf of the Operator. Linxtelecom offers the VPoP service in Moscow, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi and Kiev.

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