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The Linxtelecom MPLS VPN Service (Multi Protocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network) is a high performance, high quality managed service over a private data network providing secure access between all destinations on the VPN (customer locations). A secure connection is established using a dedicated circuit to the nearest Linxtelecom point of presence. The VPN allows customer to run various applications with different network performance requirements (e.g. Voice over IP (VoIP), ERP applications, Video Conferencing, email) together on a single, private company network. Linxtelecom provides its MPLS VPN service to multi-sized enterprises, enables them to extend the geographical reach of their network and connect to the branch offices and remote employees.


  • Enhanced flexibility and scalability - The Linxtelecom MPLS VPN Service is delivered at an agreed capacity and committed service levels in terms of availability, latency and packet loss. MPLS VPN customers connect to Linxtelecom using, E1, E3, DS3, Fast Ethernet, STM-1 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. MPLS VPN port speeds range from 256kbps up to and including 1Gbps.
  • Reliability - In order to ensure the highest performance and availability of the MPLS VPN service, Linxtelecom operates a high bandwidth MPLS backbone among its target countries.
  • Security – Via MPLS VPN, Linxtelecom provides permanent secure connectivity between Customer locations. Customer locations may include Customer offices worldwide and Customer co-located equipment (e.g. servers) in Linxtelecom co-location facilities. A secure web access to Customer's account is provided to a dedicated Customer representative in order to view the status information and traffic statistics at any suitable time.
  • Global reach - Linxtelecom interconnects with key (licensed and certified) global and international carriers (MPLS VPN service providers) to offer its customers with VPN terminations across the globe.
  • Quality of Service - Linxtelecom has implemented various end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms for giving preferential treatment to traffic flows which are classified and labeled appropriately. This feature helps clients to avoid any possible problems in high-bandwidth applications over distributed networks (e.g. transport of every application from voice and real-time video conference to email).
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support – Linxtelecom manages and maintains all aspects and components of the MPLS VPN Service from the Linxtelecom Network Operations Center (NOC). In case of security breaches that may affect Customer's routers and networks, Linxtelecom provides rapid and appropriate incident responses and the Remote Hands service.
  • Constant Network Monitoring - Traffic volumes passed per Customer Service Class are measured in 5 minutes intervals and on a monthly basis provide Customer with accurate usage statistics and usage-based invoices.
  • Remote access - Customer personnel working from home and other locations can be provided with non-permanent Remote Access to the MPLS VPN through various access technologies (ISDN, PSTN, Wi-Fi, and Internet). If preferred, Customer’s partners, customers, suppliers and other groups can be given access to the part of the resources available on the MPLS VPN via the Internet.
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