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IP Transit

IP Transit (IPT) is a service which provides suppliers with an access to Internet resources. IPT is a highly qualified, fast, managed service available from Linxtelecom Points of Presence and main Internet Exchanges in Moscow, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Kiev, Amsterdam, and Tbilisi.

Wishing to offer the best IP routes at the lowest possible prices, Linxtelecom has a wide selection of private networks and network accesses in national Internet Exchanges with a large number of domestic suppliers of Internet services in all countries where it operates, in order to ensure the shortest possible routes for local and regional traffic. In order to ensure the global range, Linxtelecom purchases a direct transmission service from Layer 1 suppliers in the US, EU, and Russia in many places in order to ensure the global range.

IP Transit service is available from Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10Gigabit Ethernet ports in the above specified Points of Presence, and in most cases also via different SDH ports. IP Transit services may also be provided at customers’ locations. In such an event, the customer’s location is connected to the nearest Point of Presence of IP Transit line in Linxtelecom network via the local infrastructure of the previously selected local supplier of Internet access. Payment options include lump sum charges for the whole port, and a warranted rate to settle in case of a failure and an access of 95 percentile. Every customer is provided with the safe access to its account, which enables the insight in statistics and information on the network traffic condition.

The service is designed for carriers and Internet service providers, who provide end user services.


  • Access to international Internet resources
  • Guarantee of fixed bandwidth availability
  • Cost saving – a fixed charge per port or a guaranteed rate for exceeding the limit, based on actual consumption
  • Flexibility – an ability to increase capacity and extend a solution
  • Technical support – Linxtelecom offers consulting services; our specialists advise and assist in issues related to RIPE, rules of network traffic and router configuration.
  • SLA on the level of 99,98%
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) – 24/7/365 network supervision and quick response time in security related situations
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