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International Private Line (IPL)

International Private Line (IPL) is a functionally simple service of fast, managed, and international private point-to-point line. The service is based on setting up a leased line from Point A to Point B. A dedicated, secured SDH line ensures a clear voice, data, and video transmission channel.

The service is designed for carriers, as well as business customers, and it enables extending the range of network connections in real time.


International Private Line (IPL) may be placed between two Points of Presence (PoPs) in Linxtelecom network. For example, between Moscow and Frankfurt or between Vilnius and Tbilisi. Standard transmission rates include ITU-T scope from 2 Mb/s to 622 Mb/s including: E1, E3, STM-1 and STM-4. In certain countries it is possible to provision DS3. Lines of transmission rates below 2Mb/s, and exceeding 622Mb/s may also be available in certain locations.


IPL service may also be available as an End-to-End service, thereby extending the PoP-PoP IPL service to one or more customer locations. End-to-End service is provisioned by connecting a customer location to the nearest Point of Presence in Linxtelecom network, using equipment of the selected local Internet service provider.

An offer of International Private Line includes the integrated and constant communications among Russia Baltic States, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia, and other countries of Commonwealth of Independent States, Western Europe and the United States.


  • An ability to extend the service through access lines supplied by proven, local carriers
  • One line constitutes a clear voice, data, and video transmission channel
  • Excellent parameters, very low latency, guaranteed availability of up to 99,95%
  • A backbone network with 1+1 protection and 50 ms switching time
  • SLA on the level of 99,98%
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) – 24/7/365 network supervision and quick response time  in security related situations

Linxtelecom offers the service with capacities of ports and interfaces adjusted to customer needs:

E-1 (2 Mb/s)

E-3 (34 Mb/s)

DS-3 (45 Mb/s)

STM-1 (155 Mb/s)

STM-4 (622 Mb/s)

STM-16 (2,5 Gb/s)

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